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8 Weeks Of Dedication

Build one
Permanent Lifestyle Change

In practice, gourmet nutrition plans mean that we consider the taste, texture and presentation of the food while ensuring that it meets the nutritional needs necessary to support physical exercise and health. Through this method, we strive to break the stereotypes surrounding "healthy food" and show that nutritious food can also be culinary appealing and enjoyable.

Fredrik Erixon, is a central figure in our program, is well known for integrating his background as a chef into both his training programs and nutrition schemes.

His gourmet nutrition plans include varied and tasty dishes while meeting the specific needs of those following his training philosophy. We strive to create a dining experience that not only supports your health and physical fitness, but also adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to your daily diet. Welcome to a tasty and nutritious journey with 8 Weeks of Dedication!

Collaboration with mathem regarding the diet of an 8-week training program

Our cooperation with Mathem

As a leading online grocery store, Mathem offers a convenient platform where our members can search, select and order fresh and healthy ingredients carefully selected to support their fitness goals. Through this collaboration, we aim to make it easier for you to stay true to your healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste or nutritional value.

We are excited about this collaboration and believe it will positively contribute to your 8 Weeks of Dedication experience by making health-promoting choices more accessible and convenient than ever before. Welcome to a training trip where health and comfort go hand in hand

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