Before you sign up for the program, it is important that you have read and understood the following. Please do not hesitate to contact us before you sign up with whatever questions you might have.


Our program is an opportunity to during 8 weeks perform three missions:


  1. Follow a training plan

  2. Follow a food plan

  3. Take a daily one hour walk


These three parts will transform your health and your body. It will also change your view on yourself and what you can accomplish.


The program consists of a training plan on a gym or at home with one hour set every day for four days in a row, then one day of rest. In the end of the program, it will be even more intens. A strict food plan with recipes for each day during 8 weeks. Friendship and inspiration through a closed facebook group with about 10 training friends + your coach. Both coaching, inspiration and planning is online.


Our terms:

  • You need to be 100% dedicated and motivated

  • You need to be 100% well and in good health

  • You decide yourself at any time if you want to continue the program

  • There is no refunds whatsoever (not even with a doctor’s note)

  • If anything happens to your health or body during these weeks, you have the full responsibility to act on that. 8W and/or the coach can not be held responsible.

  • We do not persuade anyone, if you have any doubt, you should not sign up for 8W.

  • This is 8 weeks of hard training, nothing else!